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Programs for Parent Education and Stabilization, Anger Management, Domestic Violence Treatment, Substance Abuse Treatment and helping Domestic Violence Victims is what Intervention Enterprises is all about.  We are dedicated professionals who understand the challenges of life. Contact us today at (813) 933-8865 and let us help you through life’s difficult moments. Se Habla Espanol!

Our mission is simple: We are committed to helping individuals and families learn the skills necessary for problem solving in meeting their goals so that they can lead happy and prosperous lives.

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What People Say…

No body can 'make you angry'

No body can “make you angry” … but the truth is that I allowed my self-talk to put me in a bad place.  I loved the Personality Testing and learned I am a Codependent Care-taker…  I learned I give to much… and that I have a problem… I get too involved in the lives of others.  Conflict Styles was a fun class… so was “active Listening”.  By the way until I took that class I really though I was a good listener.   NOPE I was not. Thank You So much.
Rachel M.

Everyone should take this course BEFORE they get married!

I really believe everyone should take this course BEFORE they get married.  Maybe change the name… I mean I am not an Angry Person… OR at least I thought so.  Now I realize I “suppress” my emotions and my Self-Talk is totally negative and self-destructive.  Dr Gordon really taught me more than I ever thought was possible in such a brief time.  I see things so differently. Since I completed I have done nothing but brag about My Anger Management Course..   Yet That’s Me.
Michael P.

I had no idea I could learn so much!

I was skeptical about going to an Anger Management program.  Promised my wife… kept my word… But I had no idea I could learn so much and enjoy something that I totally expected to be “dumb”! Figured out pretty quick I have a lot to learn… I have “stopped score-carding’— and Dr Pilet  is right “anybody can make a bad situation worse… it takes skill to make one better.”  Thank you Cary…  you saved my marriage.
Stephen T.

You will be a changed person.

Never, Never, Never think this..  “I DON”T NEED ANGER MANAGEMENT”.  Now I know Dr Pilet likes to call it dealing with “Intense Emotions”…. and that does make me feel better.  But now that I am on the “completion” side of this  course I sincerely believe I HAD ISSUES!   I had a lot of come to reality when I found that I was a Judgmental Feeler…. Who ME?  And he was right.   I stuff my feelings… don’t let people know they are there… and Boom.. I get hurt and I yell and … you know the rest.  If you give this a chance you will be a changed person.

Sherry T.