Child Abuse Warning Signs — 2 Comments

  1. natalie grossman:Great arcitle, i will advice that you never use your children to manipulate your ex husband or ex wife, this is actually very destructive to everybody involved, please remember that the kids are very vulnerable and using them or blaming them will create deep emotional scars.

    • Your list of topics sgtgesus that you may have a key parenting topic uncovered child protection. In today’s world the child predator community is organized, assertive, and ruthless. They have infiltrated our Churches, schools, youth camps, families, and neighborhoods. Mindful parenting in our day requires not only warning children about stranger danger but more importantly teaching parents how child predators operate. Only when parents understand the danger will children be safe. Today’s predators are educated, motivated, and skillful. They know how to build the trust of parents so they can access victims. You can help wake parents up to what is happening.

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