Is Accommodating the same as Enabling? — 2 Comments

  1. on the comment to your past, I think it takes sooneme brave to share a story so publicly. Domestic Violence is something that happens to so many people and I am thankful that you took the opportunity to bring awareness. You are one strong woman!!

    • For what it’s worth; remember when that woman cut off her habnusd’s penis? Bobbit I believe was his name?Many women journalist were celebrating that act, it was presented in many magazines as a victory for women…Can you imagine men journalist celebrating the fact that a man cut off his wive’s breasts?No one would publish that – ever.A couple of years ago some feminists were claiming that on Super Bowl day, violence against women increased a lot.They backed their claims with a study.Some tv stations – including ABC – even offered free air time to some women group, so they could inform people of that dangerous day…It turned out the whole thing was bogus, even the study was bogus.Feminists in general are very unfair.Feminists have replaced a tyranny with another.They should change their name for Hatemenist which is what they really are.

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