Domestic Violence Victims

This course is for women who have experienced violence from their spouse or loved one.

Course Details
Ten classes, 1-hour 15 min each
Classes day, evening and weekends
Please call for schedule (813) 933-8865 

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Healing the Emotional Scars

One of the most difficult challenges of moving on is rebuilding self-esteem and self-worth. Many women that were physically abused report that they have not recovered from the emotional damage. In fact, one participant said, “I recovered from being knocked out and punched a long time ago; I haven’t recovered from the memory of being knocked out and punched.”

The emotional damage is, by far, the hardest and most difficult to heal. Many of our members who are victims have moved on. They find they are hampered from their new “healthier” relationships because of their reflected memories. In other words, they just have not overcome the damage, and have not been able to rebuild. This course is designed to encourage that to happen and to provide the resources victims need.


Course Content

  • Keeping Safe from a Hostile Partner
  • Surviving Emotional Trauma
  • Overcoming an Abusive Partner
  • Redefining Relational Needs
  • How to Build a Healthy Relationship
  • Emotional Intimacy vs. Emotional Abuse
  • Developing Trust and Support
  • Protecting Children from Emotional Damage
  • Developing a Safety Plan