Here are some comments from past attendees.

I was skeptical about going to an Anger Management program. Promised my wife… kept my word… But I had no idea I could learn so much and enjoy something that I totally expected to be “dumb”! Figured out pretty quick I have a lot to learn… I have “stopped score-carding’— and Dr Pilet is right “anybody can make a bad situation worse… it takes skill to make one better.” Thank you Cary… you saved my marriage.
Stephen T.

No body can “make you angry” … but the truth is that I allowed my self-talk to put me in a bad place.  I loved the Personality Testing and learned I am a Codependent Care-taker…  I learned I give to much… and that I have a problem… I get too involved in the lives of others.  Conflict Styles was a fun class… so was “active Listening”.  By the way until I took that class I really though I was a good listener.   NOPE I was not. Thank You So much.
Rachel M.
I really believe everyone should take this course BEFORE they get married.  Maybe change the name… I mean I am not an Angry Person… OR at least I thought so.  Now I realize I “suppress” my emotions and my Self-Talk is totally negative and self-destructive.  Dr Gordon really taught me more than I ever thought was possible in such a brief time.  I see things so differently. Since I completed I have done nothing but brag about My Anger Management Course..   Yet That’s Me.
Michael P.
Never, Never, Never think this..  “I DON”T NEED ANGER MANAGEMENT”.  Now I know Dr Pilet likes to call it dealing with “Intense Emotions”…. and that does make me feel better.  But now that I am on the “completion” side of this  course I sincerely believe I HAD ISSUES!   I had a lot of come to reality when I found that I was a Judgmental Feeler…. Who ME?  And he was right.   I stuff my feelings… don’t let people know they are there… and Boom.. I get hurt and I yell and … you know the rest.  If you give this a chance you will be a changed person.
Sherry T.
O MY GOD.  WOW.  I really looked forward to coming to class.  My first night I was darn determined to get out of doing this.  Cary told me… give me one night.  Well I did. The rest is history. From then on I came early, stayed late… looked at the video … read their book… What can I sway… I love these guys.
Ms Cary is just too much fun to watch.. What a show she puts on.
 I really enjoyed the saying, “Work is 90% facts & 10% feelings  …while Love is 90% Feelings 7 10% Facts
I learned that Falling in Love with the Wrong Person is NOT LOVE… I bought both their books. I had a great time going to class… Found out I can visit anytime I want… You will see me again.  Thank You So MUCH
Jerri K.