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Military Families are subject to pressures and stressors that are unique when compared to non-military families.  Often spouses don’t know how long their partners are going to be deployed, and in many cases don’t even know the location of their deployment.  Long deployments, frequent relocation’s, uncertainty about children, spouse employment, etc., are difficult to overcome and require extraordinary efforts to keep the emotional uncertainty from impacting their children.  Too often the Active Duty Spouse is deployed for key events (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.), and the family learns to “carry-on” without them.  And although they “tough-it” through the challenges of “Dad” being deployed, the fact is that with each passing event the family has learned to endure and “make-do” without noticing that the burden of their efforts is the lost moments of emotional bonding that never occurred.
Cary Pilet (Lt Colonel, USAF) has thus far been credited with 17 years of Active Military Service, while Gordon Pilet, (Major, USAF, Retired) has over 27 years of overseas deployments across 25 years of Service.  They have taken the initiative to create this page with the intention of sharing information that may help service members learn new techniques that could very likely help them overcome the challenges they face.  If you have something you would like us to post, then send me an email as I formulate the materials here.


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